Monday, July 4, 2011

Senegal - Day One

Well, we arrived safely! First impressions really quickly - things at times seem semi-finished. It looks like some things have been started like buildings and not finished yet. There are some very modern buildings and some older run-down buildings. There is trash on the sides of the street and some graffiti. The hotel is beautiful!

After we arrived yesterday, we settled into the hotel and we took a walk around the neighborhood. Our hotel is very nice and beautiful. The neighborhood is a typical Dakar neighborhood in this area of the city. There were lots of older buildings and we walked through a market with the daily catch of fish and a cat being fed the fish guts. It's very different.

The most interesting thing for me today was the goats - yes the goats. Today was goat washing day. The goats were being washed in the streets and in the ocean. The goats also laid very docilely on the street or on the beach. The goat washing was to get the goats ready to go to market and to be sold for sacrifices.

The people in Senegal are so friendly and welcoming. Everyone has been so kind to us and so welcoming.


  1. I'm so glad you are there and that your hotel is so nice!! Soak everything up and keep us posted!!

  2. AH! This is amazing! So glad you arrived safely.