Friday, July 15, 2011

St Louis

We have been in St. Louis since Monday night. Tuesday morning we took a horse drawn carriage tour of the town, which was very similar to a tour I took in New Orleans. The city is spread over two islands and our hotel is on the "main" island right at the bridge. The "main" island has fewer people and a lot of colonial architecture. The second island is much more crowded and where most of the people live. Most people here are fishermen and we got to witness the fish drying which was very interesting and smelly.

I missed out on one day of St. Louis because I was struck with some sort of nasty bug, but I am feeling much better now.

I took a walk through town with Jeff and Anabela this morning and we had a nice walk. We had some followers who walked with us around the neighborhood to try and sell us something.

Yesterday we visited two nature preserves. At the first some we did a walking "safari" and saw giant tortoises, gazelles, a large horned animal, and some monkeys. Then we went to a bird sanctuary and took a boat ride to see birds. It was great! We stopped and one island and walked a short distance to see the ocean.

I need to go because the restaurant we are at seems to be overrun with lizards currently and Jeff who is so nice to let me use his computer is scared of them. They are starting to freak me out too - all they do is stare at you.

We are leaving for the village tomorrow, so you probably won't hear from me for about a week. I'll try to blog again when we get to a hotel with Internet.

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